Xnex – Zzlly @_xnex

“Zzlly” by Xnex is a upbeat energy track with drugy type feel switch ups throughout the track to make you feel like you’re not on earth. The lyrics “she just wanna go crazy with me” talks about girls wanting to get high. Don’t wanna feel the same forever. “Zzlly” also shows a lot of people trying to have an opinion on him and nothing phases him.

Xnex is a 21 yr old rapper from Ottawa, Canada. He was into sports such as basketball, soccer,
making visual concept videos spare time and designing clothes but always loved music but didn’t pursue the career yet as an artist. He began making music back in 2017 and has only dropped two freestyle tracks since, “Birds” & “I Don’t Need You”.

He has been crafting his sound throughout 2018 and now executing in 2019. Xnex is planing on dropping an EP end of 2019 and expected to drop more tracks beginning of 2019. He just released his newest single for 2019, “Zzlly”.

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