Money Savage – Dolphins @LegalTender_hge

In early 2019, Money Savage released his first single “Dolphins”, produced by label mate and long time friend, Legalxtender. “Dolphins” is describe as creative trap music because of the way Money Savage describes manufacturing drugs and a fun and energetic way. In his hit track “Dolphins” he rapped that, “we got straight drop jumping out the water like dolphins” a gritty and creative way to describe the process of cooking dope.

Charismatic, confident Chicago-bred rapper Money Savage was born November 4, 1990. Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago Money Savage began to lean toward a life of petty crime and street hustling because of his love for making money all while working odd jobs and going to school. His love for money labeled him as one of the hardest working individual amongst his family and friends, always staying passionate and ambitious about anything he does whether it’s hustling on the street or punching the clock.

He always had a passion for making music since he was a kid but started taking it serious after him and his childhood friends started their own label Hell Ground Entertainment. Money Savage is known for his aggressive and creative flow on dark hard hitting beats.

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