Ned Miller – Oh-So Moxie

Ned Miller is not your typical rapper, he is a visionary artist, painting vivid pictures with his lyrics. At 14 years of age, Ned began listening to various songs in the alternative rock genre, which played a major part in his style of rap. Ned recalls watching songs & videos on VH1. He would remix the songs he heard, putting his own style to it, rapping about his life. At an early age, after watching Bow Wow on television, he knew he wanted to pursue music as a career. Who knew that Ned Miller would be the rapper he is today?

Here is his latest offering, the 7 track album entitled “Oh-So Moxie”.

North Carolina native, Ned Miller is an unorthodox artist who doesn’t conform to rule and pushes the envelope. Ned is driven by his passion to create vivid and relatable stories through music. Producing, engineering, and designing. Ned does it all; Capturing your mind, body and soul.

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