Young Tudda – Never Know @YoungTudda

“Never Know” was written while Young Tudda was in a tough situation. The lyrics are inspired by his personal hard times. It gave motivation at the time to continue pushing even when you feel like giving up. The overall message is you never know when things will change for you. Due to knowing that, you shouldn’t fold under pressure. Your time could be the moment right after you give up. You have to stick with it and believe that times are gonna get better.

Young Tudda an American rapper, entrepreneur, and songwriter. Born and raised in Chicago Il. He officially began his music career back in 2015 when he finally released his first mixtape “Bout That Time”, although he had been previously recording music years before that. Young Tudda is a independent artist with a unique style that is very versatile. So far in 2019 he has 2 singles out that are very different from each other but very good in “Never Know” and “Southside Misunderstood.”

Aside from the music Young Tudda has his own clothing line called 3Ls Elevated Apparel along with 3Ls Elevated Media who actually directs all of his music videos. He’s currently working on a EP with a target drop date of September 20th.

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