@Cap_On1 | “10 Hours” Review| By @Jvs_Jas | Edited By: @Juke35

images On January 24,2019 YNL (Young Nonchalant Lifestyle)  released his most recent EP “10 Hours.”This album brings an eclectic wavy feel to the new generation of Hip Hop. Capone starts off his album with his hit single “Need That” 40d14c4078c0434fd066301d1a2bf0ade18d803d completing a smooth intro to his track list. Also, on “10 Hours” is my personal favorite song off the project titled,  “Dreamless Nights” This song has a vibrational sound which is my favorite aspect about it. YNL Capone’s grind in the music speaks for itself.Be sure to follow and subscribe and to Capone as well as his Contracted Production Company Genre Incorporated

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