She-Uno – Smile @She_unO

Growing up in PG County Maryland, She-Uno began penning raps for class presentations in about fifth grade. Even through attaining multiple degrees (a bachelors in Chemical Engineering and masters in Business Admin) and corporate jobs, he’s always held the same dream of using his voice through music for impact.

In 2017 he released his debut, official EP Invincible Summer. He recently released two new singles, Smile and Get Back Up, which can be streamed or purchased anywhere you can get music, while preparing to release a new project in 2019 entitled (T)here. He invites you to join him on this journey.

Here’s his latest, “Smile”.

“Smile” comes from the perspective of talking to, and having a relationship with, a smile as if it were a person. The song recounts from the first time meeting a smile on the faces of parents and doctors in the delivery room, to times where you needed a smile the most but it was missing, such as after a breakup. It even revisits times where a smile was abused or tainted by a lie, such as black face used to mimic and devalue African Americans.

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