14 trapdoors – Door 1 EP @14Trapdoors

14 trapdoors music is “new trap, boom bap”. Their sound is an amalgamation of the Beastie Boys meets Flatbush Zombies. Their music represents their lifestyle and musical influences, like Redman, Beastie Boys, Freddie Gibbs, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.

Coming off releasing 8 singles over the course of the year, “Door 1” EP is their first official release with more releases scheduled for the course of 2019. The project was produced by 14 trapdoors, Kage Durden & Puh-geez.

14 trapdoors are a hip-hop trio of rapper/producers from Buffalo, NY, USA. The group consists of bendyface, Short Moscato & WZA. The three met in the Buffalo music scene – crossing paths at shows, events & sessions. They soon became friends, sharing a lot of the same music and recreational interests.

The “14” comes from the sum of 7 + 1 + 6, Buffalo’s area code. The “trapdoors” moniker was inspired by a bot quote-generator on Twitter and the fact that everyone is “trappin” something…whether it’s music, drugs, art, etc.

They have released 8 singles to date, each with an accompanying visual. All of the singles are available for stream and download on all major music streaming providers. Their videos can be found on YouTube on the 14 trapdoors channel as well as several partner user generated playlist channels like Trash, FCK THEM, Dark Tones, etc.

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