pulp Cruz – Issues @pulpCruz

“Missions bigger than this Forbes’ list”

pulp Cruz belongs to a collective known as Trip06 that consist of Grand Rapids natives Wavy $lim, Dr. Prophet, Bravo, AP and Top10.

“Issues” follows pulp Cruz into the world of a stressful mind with the pressure of no time on his hands. Constantly reminding his self how long this day has been, just another day, full of issues he wasn’t born with but rather acquired through life. This track really pieces together the true intent of Cruz and the true urgency of the values he stresses in his music.

pulp Cruz is an upcoming 21 year old artist and Midwest native coming straight out of Grand Rapids, MI. From off topic bar for bar raps to heart break poetry Cruz never lacks to showcase his writing capability to the fullest, hence the 7 projects he has already put out with the most recent being “Fee Fie Foe”. Now Cruz has been taking time to huddle back into the studio where he plans to stay until the release of his follow up project “Fum”. But as the time passes Cruz just seems to improve every track, giving off a promising outlook on what this next generation of musicians can really bring to the table.

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