Casa Lee – Superficial @casafuckinlee

After debuting his 5 track EP “Baby Boy” in October, Casa Lee delivers dark and anime filled visuals for the insane and energetic title “Superficial”. Between clips of the cult classic Akira, and shots of him going absolutely ballistic, Casa Lee impresses, and demands you give him your attention. Matching the song almost if not perfectly, the haunting visuals shot by Saru, allow for a brief glimpse into the violent and vivid mind of the Casa Lee himself.

Casa Lee, the 19 year old Toronto native, is proving himself to be a new unmatched, and refreshing force. Looking to challenge the boundaries of whatever genre you decide to place him in, Casa Lee brings a two middle fingers to authority, and unruly attitude, that is simply infectious to anyone who may stumble upon him. It seems the self titled “Baby Boy”, is bridging the gap between the worlds of both hip hop and punk, in his intense and vicious style all with ease, and grace.

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