Yungin Yu – Flexed Up @yungxnyu

“Flexed Up” is the first single off Yungin Yu’s mixtape “206 Wave” that is set to release this year. It is intended to be a good vibe song with an upbeat feel.

Yungin Yu is a 19-year-old Artist from Seattle, WA. He started writing music at the age of 13 and started making music seriously in the summer of 2018. Yu focuses a lot on improving his flow and melodies, but also tries to incorporate some lyricism. Yungin is inspired by the new wave style of music hitting Seattle and the West Coast of melodic rap. He has made a number of songs, however, “Flexed Up” was the first single he ever released. Yu was never satisfied with what he was making at the time and wanted to take time to silently work on his craft before releasing any music. He believes in taking time to work on your craft and wants to make music he would listen to himself.

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