WaitingForPairing – NO LOVE @Waiting4Pairing

WaitingForPairing is a Jersey City born, New York raised Egyptian-American hip-hop/rap artist influenced by contemporary musicians such as Lil Uzi Vert, Usher, and Drake. He combines the sounds of both R&B and hip hop to make his own distinct sound. Having an inherent admiration for music beginning at a young age, he began writing music at the age of seven and has been continuing to perfect it ever since. He just released the Richy produced “NO LOVE” single on Soundcloud.

“No Love” is a song that I created in my basement a month after I got out of my most recent relationship. Our relationship came to an end on Valentine’s Day as we constantly fought over the same topics. It came to a point where our relationship was toxic and I always felt like she wanted to be loved on her own terms, which is how I came up with the hook, “How you showing love without no love?”.

At that point even though I hadn’t worked on music in a month, I still found myself going down to my basement, one of my favorite places to make my music, played the first beat I had just found, and instantly got ideas for the track the second I heard the beat. I began to freestyle to it while recording it on my phone. I remember not liking the song at all, but my sister, who was there, convinced me otherwise. I made a couple tweaks to it then proceeded to record it. Fast forward 9 months and it’s my first song release as an artist.

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