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          Jeffery Michael Hayden, better known as Mic Hero was one of the artists that I recently got to discover more about. I asked him several questions so that the public could get deeper and know him more personally, rather than just an artist. Mic Hero told me originally his rap name was J Grillz, however he changed it upon deciding to expand his brand. Next, I wanted to discuss with him what made him decide to pursue his music career. Hero told me what inspired him to pursue his rap career was a major life event and for self-fulfillment. By this I mean originally his brother, Justin passed away.  “seeing him actively pursue his dreams to play professional football made me feel like I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.”  The second reason Hero decided to pursue his career was so that he could gain respect from his peers. I asked Hero, what his hobbies were outside of music, simply because being an artist can be stressful at times. Mike Hero5.jpg

“My hobbies outside music include playing video games, bowling, skating, walking, reading.”  this was the simple yet beneficial response that he gave me when I asked the question. Idrys Muhammed and Phat Kidd were two of the biggest influence’s in his life.  The reason for this is because Muhammed always pushed Hero to strive for better while Phat Kidd taught Hero how to push his limits and also gave him more knowledge on the program FL studio in which he uses for his production purposes. Denzel Washington is the person that he said would be his dream mentor.

mike hero1

This is because of the longevity of his success without any scandals and the respect he’s earned overall. I asked Hero  if he could bring anybody back from the dead and he stated “I would bring my brother back to life again just so I can tell him I love him and I’m sorry for ever not being there when you needed me”

fb_img_1530544604773I feel like this is a very influential statement because you can see the importance of family in Mic Hero’s life.  I asked, “Any other words?”  “just want to thank everybody who’s showing love to the Hero. It’s truly a blessing to be loved and revered. I got new music coming soon the label starting soon and many more projects, stay tuned.” 

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