Swank Sinatra – 1:45 Freestyle @1Swank_Sinatra

The idea for Swank Sinatra’s “1:45 Freestyle” music video was to touch on more of the art behind his videos. Swank Sinatra appreciates the arts and just the flexibility of being who you want to be at the time and at the time the ideas for the video came about, he wanted to be more on the simple side but emphasizing the creativity that he possesses beyond writing and performing his lyrics.

Swank Sinatra was born in the East Coast but his career in the military brought him to Colorado where he decided to settle down since 2013. Swank Sinatra grew up loving and appreciating music and its history. Swank Sinatra used his career in the military as a platform and have previously been into Spoken Word where he tapped into this hidden talent while deployed to Kuwait in 2015. Not long after he got back to the United States, he decided it was time to move on and explore other things outside of the military.

Swank Sinatra started his musical journey in April 2017 which brought him to CCM Recording Studio in Denver, CO where he recorded his first project: “OLD WORLD, NEW LIFE.” CCM Studio is where he also met his live DJ: DJ Greensleeves who is also his first recording engineer.

Following his first project, he came out with 2 more projects of which he called “Swank Tapes” Volume 1 & 2. Over the course of his music career, he has grown in many ways such as his flows, getting more in touch with his vocal abilities, and beat selection has also been very intricate and eclectic.

His first album “3RD EYE” was released on October 31, 2018. With 14 tracks, 3RD EYE is surely going to take its listeners in a roller-coaster ride of different, but very creative flows. This album is about the uncool story, testing boundaries, story-telling raps, abstract and conceptual flows, balanced in a way where he gives you both the conscious feeling but also still giving you the visuals through his flows. Most of the tracks on 3RD EYE was recorded at AML Recording Studio in Colorado Springs, CO.

Swank Sinatra’s latest single “1:45 Freestyle,” also in his latest album, has been selected to be a part of 242 playlists in Spotify alone and has reached 20,000+ streams since releasing it in July 2018, just a day before he performed for the second year in a row, for The Underground Music Showcase in Denver, CO.

Swank Sinatra has performed in numerous platforms in Colorado and venues such as The Walnut Room, Cervantes’ Other Side, Hi-Dive and Blue Ice Lounge. You can naturally feel his energy and his love for the music while watching him perform live. He has been performing for one of the biggest music festivals in Colorado: The Underground Music in 2017 and 2018 drawing, on average, 50-100 people in a venue. Swank Sinatra has the confidence, the energy, the appreciate for the art of music that many artists of modern rap lacks.

Swank Sinatra has been featured on numerous publications such as 303 Magazine, Breaking and Entering Entertainment, Heavy Hitters DJ Pick of the Week on Hot 97, and Indie-Spoonful by BWH Music Group.

In the visual department, Swank Sinatra is always creating something that makes his audience want to watch and also influence everyone else’s creative minds. Aside from his love of music, he also loves and appreciate the arts. He believes art and creativity is what drives him to become better than he was, and the art of music is what he strives to achieve on each of his tracks.

Aside from the music, Swank Sinatra is a big fan and believer of fashion and always looking your best. As we know, Swank is not the first rapper or hip-hop artist who is also in tune with the fashion world. In his opinion, fashion and hip-hop goes hand and hand. Swank Sinatra came out with some designed clothing, hats, pins, where he promoted his new album 3RD EYE.

Swank Sinatra is very determined to become the next big thing to stick around for years and years to come. One of his goals is to leave his mark in the history of music just like those who came before him and who are doing it now. We never have to worry about Swank Sinatra’s flows because he just gets better with time. With the work ethic of someone who’s very eager to learn, to experience, and very hungry for success, Swank Sinatra is someone we all should aspire to be like.

All of Swank Sinatra’s EPs and singles can be found on all digital streaming platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube, and his website http://www.swanksinatramusic.com.

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