ETTJ – We’re Drifting Souls @Etsmokesreggie

“We’re Drifting Souls” from ETTJ has an emotional melodic vibe to it that also incorporates well thought out lyricism. This video conveys the realities of being a young loner in today’s society.

ETTJ is a upcoming artist from Greenville, SC who just released his debut EP titled ” EGÖ ÂBĐÜCTÍÖN “. He is a versatile hip-hop artist with an alternative edge. ETTJ has only been recording music for 2 years and has already developed a deep love for it . ET uses his artistry to cope with the everyday struggles of life. The artist likes to differentiate his music between what comes from the soul or his emotions as ET (extraterrestrial) and what comes from the flesh or his outgoing uptempo raps (TJ or Tyler Joseph). If you enjoy this new era of hip-hop you’ll want to keep a close eye on this upcoming artist.

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