ZZ Ft 24kgoldn – FLIP @zefaankanwar

The 24kgoldn featured “FLIP” is a song from ZZ’s second project, “TRAP NURSERY RHYMES”. It is easily one of the catchiest and most replayable songs on the album.

ZZ was born in Scottsdale, Arizona on 2nd July, 2000 but was brought up in New Delhi, India for all of his life. He attended a local Indian school till 5th grade then shifted to an American international school. He met people from all around the world which really opened up his mind to noticing the similarities and differences between people with extremely different backgrounds. ZZ believes that lots of kids in India don’t have this privilege and are stuck in the system. They are judged by society and held back by their parents. This makes them afraid to do what they want.

ZZ want to give those kids the hope that they can do what they want in life and still succeed, because he moved to LA in August, 2018, straight from New Delhi, India, and he’s been working on new music EVERY DAY and no one is stopping him. No one CAN stop him. He represents the youth who want to get their voices heard, the future.


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