Cowboy Cody – In My Head @Covenant_7

“In My Head” from Cowboy Cody is a conscious walk through the depressed mind. An accumulation of feelings, thoughts and emotions existing within the recording artist. It is the acceptance that his demons will never leave and that tolerance is the only step towards true healing and self discovery. Cody hopes that those who share the burden of mental negativity find his truth as medicine because we are never alone in our pain, to live is to suffer.

Cowboy Cody was born Cody Miguel Vaughn (January 13th 1995) in Chicago, IL. There was an 87% chance he would be badly disformed and mentally challenged. The doctors urged his parents to abort him and have another child, but they were determined to bring him into the world no matter what obstacles they faced. On a stormy Friday the 13th, Cody beat the odds with only a 13% chance and was born a normal baby.

He was introduced to music at a young age with his dad being a Dj and learned how to play the classical piano at age 8. By time he was 11 he was already composing his own music and performing at recitals in front of large and small audiences. Life seemed like a fairy tale but that would all soon change, tragedy struck in 2006 and Cody’s mother lost her battle with colon cancer and His father got laid off in the same year. It seemed like the world he knew had crumbled around him and he quit music completely.

2 years later, Cody’s father found work in Minnesota and he and his son embarked on a new journey. In Minnesota Cody attended Delasalle high school and was finally able to heal where he excelled in sports and made many friends. After graduation from high school he was accepted into Hamline University in St. Paul which is where his music journey would begin.

Going to Hamline he met a lot of other young artist and begin to make a name for himself doing incredible freestyles at parties. Gaining notoriety he was given contact information to the Hamline studio and began recording his own music and booking shows all while being a full time student and on the football team. Cody built up quite a following during this time and started a movement called OTE which stands for “open their eyes” a movement created to get people to live free of social constructs and expectations in order to live being their authentic selves.

After 4 years of performing in small venues all around Minnesota he finally Got his big break, a chance to perform in Winter Wonderjam at Hamline University in front of his peers, it was the first time he got paid to perform without having to sell tickets and 400 of his fellow Hamline students came out to support him on his set making a magical moment he would never forget.

During this journey he has put out 2 albums “Dualism” and “Artistic suicide” combining for over 85,617 monetizeable views and 28 songs on YouTube. And 106,993 all time plays on SoundCloud. These stats have helped him reach about 7,000 organic followers across all his social media. After graduating with a degree in political science it’s his goal to take his music to the next level and open a door for the millions like him who suffer from doubt and depression everyday.

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