Drexanz – Lay It Down @Dreonxanz

“Lay It Down” is Drexanz’s first single/video produced by newcomers, MXHXCK and Fiderri. The video depicts a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. A story of sex, drugs and rock and roll filmed in a cinematic way makes for an eye catching watch.

Drexanz is a determined singer/songwriter, rapper and beat maker rising out of London, UK.

His melodic, emotional rap music allows the audience an insight into his mind and spirit. Brought up living and breathing music from childhood to adult, this artist has been influenced by a variety of genres ranging from indie-rock/pop punk, rap/hip hop, grime and garage, and emo rap. Drexanz’s clever use of grime flows and emo-rock influences, combined with the hard hitting yet wavy beats create a euphoric sound.

This variety and culture is something that allows Dre to constantly develop his sound. Drexanz has pure lyrics and wears his heart on his sleeve, letting his music do the talking.

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