Fonzie – Still Sippin @i_amfonzie

Meet Fonzie, arguably one of the UK’s Most Exciting New Hip-Hop Acts. Fonzie has a unique sound, that is simply incomparable to anyone else but a deep melodic sound that you keep wanting to hear more from. This has been a busy year for the young artist who had released three other singles leading up to “Still Sippin”. Fonzie has been holding off from dropping any videos this year but “Still Sippin“ completely took off and within its first month it generated over 50,000 streams !

“Still Sippin” has featured on numerous platforms such as Capital Xtra, Westside, Beat 103.6 , H Wing, Notoriously Canada and many more. Leading on from this everyone was calling for a video to be made. So Fonzie answered their wishes and found the perfect location, deep in the trenches of Hemel Hampstead.

The video for “Still Sippin” premiered on Complex on Friday 19th October 2018. In the video, Fonzie takes us on a journey that most can say they have gone through and through his video you see how sometimes you just want to escape reality. This sense of escapism is seen more clearly through his lyrics, tune in and get familiar to the UK riser.

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