Tenjin – New Toronto @TenjinMusic

Tenjin is one half of the Intrinsic Harmony Music duo, who are aspiring music writers and entertainers from Detroit, MI. With a style that fuses lyricism with the more contemporary sound of Hip-Hop, Tenjin tells a different story on every song, capturing the world surrounding him, and sharing it with others in hopes of finding a common ground through music and the culture.

According to Tenjin, the single “New Toronto” is a story about a drunken weekend getaway in Toronto.

“It is actually not even my own story.” says Tenjin when asked about the inspiration behind the latest single. “It is an exaggerated retelling, in my own words, of the events in the life of a close friend. As he was telling me the story, I was already coming up with the lyrics and the setting. For an example the line ‘Hitting it back to back like I just ate a Senzu bean’ is based off the fact that they practically lived on canned beans for the weekend, and I just put my own twist on it.”

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