Wavy Banx – Finesse @WavyBanx

In his new video, Wavy Banx defines Finesse as “using what you have in order to get whatever it is that you want.” Finesse provides an up beat trap vibe through the production. The beat is backed by a catchy hook with a series of punchlines/metaphors throughout the two verses. The trippie and aesthetic visual (shot and directed by Rex Way) provides a value added bonus and really catches the attention of the viewers.

Wavy Banx is a new and emerging artist looking to make noise with his first single “Finesse”. He states “I want to start my releases with up-beat bangers, but I still want to make it apparent that I am a lyrically sound artist.” His stage name Wavy Banx comes from his sense of style, personality, and the 360 waves in his hair. To no surprise, the 23 year old indie artist describes his music a wave as he wishes to create a vibe for his audience. He speaks on things he has experienced over instrumentals and wishes to resonate with his listeners with similar experiences.

While moving around a lot while growing up he claims Greensboro, NC as his hometown which he attended high school and remained in NC for college. After graduating college he decided to move to Atlanta, GA to pursue his music career.

Music was always a huge part of Wavy’s life. While growing up his father often listened to a blend of hip hop ranging from Tupac, Lil Wayne, Warren G, UGK and Outkast to name a few. While listening to these artists Wavy learned to have a passion for music and had a collection of rap notebooks where he would write his rhymes in elementary and middle school. It was often that you would catch him freestyling in the basketball locker room during high school or while drinking with the homies in college.

It wasn’t until after college that he decided to turn his dream into a reality and push himself as an artist. He knew that he wanted to be all-in and dedicated to his music once he started releasing. His current influences are: A$AP Rocky, Kanye, J. Cole, Kendrick, Tory Lanez, and Juicy J. Wavy assures that he is no “one-hit-wonder” as he reveals that he has a vault filled up with unreleased music. Be on the lookout for future releases. You can keep up with his activity by following him on Instagram & Twitter @wavybanx.

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