Rosario – Chief @Rosario_609

The pop-smash “Chief” is the debut single from rap’s newest rising-star, Rosario. An anthem of his own roots and intent to turn them into success, Rosario outlines how “leading [his] pack” is exactly how he’s going to do it. Proudly exclaiming “Real recognize real, now bow before the power; I’m the king”, the South Jersey native is not shy to describe where he believes he belongs in the music industry. With an undeniably catchy hook and seamless flow throughout verses, Rosario showcases a confident display of wit and lyricism. The track is the first of a string of singles to be released by the young rapper, and is available for streaming and purchase on all major music platforms.

Hailing from the vibrant South Jersey rap scene, Rosario is not an artist to be thought of lightly. Although the young artist spent his early years as an instrumentalist in school and a singer/songwriter for a rock band, Rosario is no stranger to the rap and hip-hop scene. Throughout his high school career and the years following, the artist wrote and performed as a rapper often. Now, he believes he is ready to rebrand himself and break into the genre full-steam.

The twenty-three year-old pulls no punches with his debut single, “Chief”, in which he describes at length his plight as a writer and creator among a community of “carbon copies”, proclaiming that he is the “setter of standards” in the rap scene. With much to prove in an incredibly talented and otherwise saturated market of rappers where he’s yet to scratch the surface, Rosario believes he has what it takes to be not just successful, but take the entire pop music industry by storm; and with a smash debut single, a string of releases to follow, and a refreshing sound behind him, – he just might.

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