RobnHood Tra- Exit 66 @robnhoodtra

Rising Atlanta artist RobnHood Tra is back today with the official music video for the title track off his recent project, “Exit 66”. In the new music video, Tra puts his laid-back flow on display as he takes it to the streets backed by his entire ‘hood. “Exit 66” details RobnHood Tra’s come up in the streets and the position he has built for himself in the game. Tra’s delivery is undeniable over the slow-winding bassline, proving that he is one of the top up-and-coming artists to watch for.

Less than 20 miles south of Downtown Atlanta lies a College Park neighborhood so vastly different from the increasingly gentrified and tourist friendly Georgia capital, that it might as well be another world. A place unseen by news cameras, where most can’t find a way to feed their families without turning to the streets. This is the place newcomer Robnhood Tra calls home. And with the release of his debut mixtape Exit 66, he emerges as a street reporter, bringing his gritty reality to life through music. All while fulfilling a promise made to his father hours before he died, sacrificing everything to make sure that he would never return to the streets.

During Tra’s teen years, falling right in the middle of his parents’ combined 17 kids, the allure of the streets was hard to resist. Not only were the alternatives limited, but with his mother raising Tra and six of his siblings on her own, life made it a necessity. As only one of two sons on his mother’s side, Tra also felt responsible for taking care of his family to the best of his ability. By the time he landed in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail on an 8-month robbery bid, he had truly earned the nickname “Robnhood” – stealing from the rich to feed the poor. But he knew that he had to find a better way to take care of his loved ones. In an hour long conversation with his father, nearing the end of his sentence, Robnhood Tra made the decision to focus on the hobby that had served as his therapy for years as he navigated the harsh reality of the streets: music.

It was a decision his father fully supported, and one Tra had been preparing for all along, writing three full projects’ worth of songs during his time in jail. Sadly, the next day, just hours before finding out he was being released, Robnhood Tra received the devastating news that his father had passed away from a brain aneurysm. “That last conversation I had with my dad is what keeps me going man, for real,” he says. “When I told him I was gonna leave the streets alone, he was so proud. He told me he believed in me and that he knew I could do anything I put my mind to. That’s why that promise I made to him, to stay out of the streets? I knew when I got out, I couldn’t break that. I did whatever it took to keep the promise, I even slept in a bando, just to make sure I could pay for studio time without having to go back to the street.”

Since his release, Robnhood Tra has put all of his time, efforts and energy towards honing his craft and laying the foundation down for a lasting career. A year later, the release of Exit 66 arrived as proof that he’s just getting started. Beyond his unapologetically honest lyrics, Tra shows off the innate ability to capture the emotion of each song in such a way as to make the listener truly feel what he’s lived. Exit 66 also showcases Robnhood Tra’s range, with songs like the angst filled “8 Different Drugs” standing in sharp contrast with the heartfelt “Fatherseed” and “South On My Back,” all proving that Robnhood Tra will have plenty to say on behalf of the Southside for a mighty long time

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