Juice Lord – The World Is Mine @PoetryIsReality

Juice Lord’s “The World Is Mine” single was produced by Benzilla and was inspired by Nas but more importantly my his city of Saint Paul.

Juice Lord comes from the inner-city streets of Saint Paul, Minnesota that is also known as the Rondo neighborhood. Growing up, Juice had a solid foundation of strong parents that cared for him and took care of his friends. It’s safe to say that his parents helped raise a village. Having older parents helped Juice transform into society well, he was always taught respect and always knew love and family were important. As a kid, he was a natural his favorite class was English where he became in love with poetry but still had dreams of making it basketball or football.

After being in theater and entering the be heard youth poetry slams, it drove him further away from sports. Juice took his skills and bravery to new heights when he decided to grab a mic and freestyle on Sway In the Morning during the 2015 Soundset Festival weekend and grabbed the attention of many people in the city. From there on, Juice Lord has been on a mission to become one of the ones to rise out of the newfound energy brought by several newcomers in the Minnesota music scene. He plans to release his first project, “LORD SZN”, very soon.


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