Bilengwall – Fiesta @Bilengwall1

“Fiesta” is an all round classic party and club celebration song from international sensation, BilenGwall.

It highlights all the good memories he’s acquired from his involvement within the football/soccer industry and mega sporting events. Most importantly, the memorable and perhaps the emotionally charged goals scored by some of the players of hus all times favorites. It’s a breathtaking and heart pumping compilation of celebrations.

The main aspect of the video was also to anticipate a potential anthem for the next African Cup of Nations, due to take place in a couple of months and which will be hosted by his country of origin Cameroon. Hence why there are some familiar Cameroon football/soccer players in the video.

Overall, the theme of this track is the togetherness, the cheers, joy and happiness as well as the unity sports can create around the globe from all walks of life. There is also the after party club scenes afterwards where everyone hits the dance floor and parties all day and all night long until the music is gone.

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