$afra – Look Shook @AlrightSafra

$afra spooks the competition on his thumping single, “Look Shook”. The song is a hype and energetic song that can really get you turnt up. It has a nice fit with the new generation of music and the vocals are unique enough to make the track really stand out to the listener amongst the crowd of other rappers.

$afra is an anonymous rapper/singer out of Broward county and Atlanta. He made his debut in 2018 by posting snippets online via Instagram which grew him a support base of thousands in just a few weeks anticipating the release of his multi-genre shifting singles. He has a mix of new wave Hype Rap with elements of R&B and Punk/Alternative rock, he even spits lyrical and thought provoking bars throughout his songs.

A key thing about him is that he doesn’t show his face at all, instead, he uses a logo of a floating man holding a balloon with a halo over his head which he says “symbolizes motivation…it represents going up and staying positive, and I’d like to inspire people to be positive and keep their head up in any situation, you can always get through it”.

The reason he doesn’t show his face at all is so that people can feel his music more instead of taking his image in running with it, also to challenge other music artist to focus more on their music and not their image, he also says, “I don’t want anything distracting you guys from the music, I am not out for fame, I am not in it for money.”

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