The Coldest – Lion’s Pride @TheCold3st

On his energetic “Lion’s Pride” song; The Coldest raps about being prideful, being told that his dreams were illogical and his interest in working with some like minded artists such as Childish Gambino, Isaiah Rashad and Chance the Rapper. A short but captivating song, he ends the verse off with a hysterical line. The song is featured on his self titled mixtape.

“The Coldest” is a 19 year old rapper born and raised in Montgomery, AL. He is a new artist on the scene, beginning the release of music only January this year. He exhibits the energetic delivery of a Meek Mill, the storytelling capacity of J.Cole, and the creative courage of Kanye. A versatile artist, he can deliver bravado bangers, intricate love songs, and also conscious records. With the subgenre of “dirty south” or “trap” hip hop music being dominant in his area, he is definitely a standout. Stream his self-titled mixtape on Apple Music.

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