DemarcoTheMan – Bike Ride @DemarcoTheMann

“Bike Ride” by DemarcoTheMan is a single from his upcoming album, “BlandBoy”, which is set to be released August 12, 2018. His new upcoming album consists of a story told by two different characters that are both reflections of himself.

“Bike Ride” is told from the perspective of his ego, which he believes can make or break a person. Ego is an aspect of more than many lives that can sometimes become a battle, and that’s something that he attempts to show in this new music video. He stated that, “Music videos in today’s age tend to focus on the effects rather than the acting and performance itself. So, the director Jorge Ayala really emphasized how important and eye-catching a well performed music video can turn out.”

Later on, he went on discussing how he wants his music and his videos to match potentials as he progresses as an artists. He believes that one shouldn’t outweigh the other, and that performance and effort should be given both visually and musically. After reviewing his previous videos from 2015 till now, there has obviously been a huge progression made between DemarcoTheMan and the director Jorge Ayala. Pushing the limits, DemarcoTheMan and the directors are hoping this video ‘Bike Ride’ can make the impact it deserves. After all, it’s not too often people come across an underground artist with this type of classic performance.

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