Sober Ft Nate Rose – Yes Man @heysobs @NateRoseMusic

“Yes Man”, Sober and Nate Rose deliver the perfect summer anthem right before beach season hits. A fun, quirky video filled with bourbon, popcorn and a few baddies. Summer 2018 is looking good so get it started right below

23 year old artist “Sober” brings a hot neo r&b sound that flows smooth yet can deliver a hard punch with tracks like The Money and Sugar & Spice. Born and raised in Chattanooga TN his influences include OutKast, Chance the rapper, Mac Miller, Collie Buddz, Post Malone, John Mayer, John Legend and Kanye West. “I want you feel something when you listen to my music”

He is accredited to over 50K plays over streaming platforms, headlining UTC homecoming with Hip Hop artist YGTUT, and playing back to back shows at the University of Sewanee… he has made a name for himself in Tennessee however his neo pop sound has potential to really grab hold of the industry.

Nate Rose: Nate Rose is a hip-hop artist & creative often referred to as the “James Bond” of rap for his debonair demeanor and emphasis on intellect. Exploring relationships, business, and politics, Rose touches on topics with a fresh perspective backed by tasteful instrumentals and eloquent delivery.

Rose participates in every level of artistry, having developed skills out of necessity for a thriving career. The Nashville native handles all the production, graphic design, and video production for his projects, which collectively encompass his artistic vision, actively maintaining creative control over each stage of his work.

With more than 1.5 million combined streams across listening platforms with no label backing or external investment, Rose has built an organic fan base through intricate lyricism, decadent melodies, and a strong desire and drive to be one of the greats. He has sold more than 1,500 physical copies of his debut Polymath EP, setting a precedent for his newly released CrossFire EP, which features Bay Area newcomer Rexx Life Raj. In addition to a successful physical campaign, Nate Rose has a strong social media presence totalling over 30,000 combined followers across major platforms.

An explosive live performance landed Nate Rose on several grandiose stages, including Eaglepalooza alongside multi-platinum artist Keri Hilson at the University of Southern Mississippi, Import Alliance at the Kentucky Speedway, and The Raider’s Choice Awards. He has also shared the stage with Chicago legend Twista, Ying Yang Twins, OG Maco, and Caskey on separate occasions in between headlining events. “Tea time” with Nate Rose, backflips on stage, crowd surfing, and live freestyles are among the antics you might anticipate at a Nate Rose show.

“My creative process is a selfish one,” says Nate. “I write from experiences, and having full creative control over how I want a particular song to sound, what I want to say, and the effect I want it to have provides an avenue for artistic transparency and honesty. However, when I’m on stage is where it is no longer about me. My sole purpose in that moment is to provide the most entertaining show that I can for the people that paid their hard earned dollars to see me. It is a humbling experience, knowing that you are reciprocating that energy back to the people that make my career as an artist possible. It really is a beautiful thing.”

Rose grew up in Cleveland, TN, a small city with a significant lack of a music scene. With limited resources available, the hip-hop emcee was forced to develop a plethora of skills in order to progress his career. His passion led him to studying music business at Middle Tennessee State University, receiving a formal education in a thriving artistic community while simultaneously developing his craft.

His music is ebullient and honest, swathed in genre-bending rhythms that stem from his diverse palette of musical influences ranging from Drake to System Of A Down. His records radiate energy and intellect, equally fitting for a club setting as well as a fireside chat. With this concoction, you can feel productive about turning up, knowing that you’re learning something while doing it.


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