BPace – Backwoods and Burritos 2 @1bpace

BPace releases his latest project Backwoods and Burritos 2 mixtape, which is now available at all digital service providers. The mixtape features eleven new tracks including already released “La La” and “Off Nights”. “This is a smoker’s mixtape,” says the young star. Its laid-back, southern vibe has all the components to make this a summer smash. With over 23,000 subscribers and a million views on Youtube, fans eagerly anticipate BPace’s rise to stardom.

Motivated by the Atlanta music scene, BPace sets out to release new music that incorporates the current music mecca of America. The 24-year-old rapper possesses an impressive understanding on all aspects of hip-hop and RnB. Though he draws inspiration from Lil Wayne, David Bowie, Wiz Khalifa and Prince, BPace’s sound and style is all his own. The self-proclaimed Rockstar is not only talented on the mic, his fashion forwardness will add him to the list of hip-hops most fashionable.

BPace is known for his strong sense of creativity as a music video director. His ability to bring out hidden, artistic, talents opened the door for BPace to work with some of RnB’s and Hip-hop’s most flourishing musicians. Although he loves his time behind the camera, he is ready to take his talents to new levels, in front of the camera.

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