Jaime Bee Love Ft Nick Wood – Talkn Bout Meh @JaimeBLove

21 year-old Jaime Bee Love or Jaim for short, is definitely the next to have the spotlight in the music scene. Reinforced by his revolutionary, new, and free-spirited sound along with his sensual, In-Your-Face aura , his whole demeanor can be quickly acknowledged and even praised in his art. Through years of spiritual,mental, emotional, and even physical elevation , caused by many tragic events in his life, like few other artists, Jaim had developed his movement,sound,and soul and decided to unleash it in what would heal his wounds the best, music.

Jaim’s first public single, Talkn Bout Meh, despite the magical sense of his innovation and visionary style (making it seem one of a kind) is one of many in his musical stash of creation. Talkn Bout Meh is definitely the first single on Jaim’s platform for a reason. With it’s own agenda of visionary style Jaim forms New-Style Boy, with Nick Wood as the natural singer in the end of the song, and Jared Shahar as the music engineer/producer, to ignite the new ,young, and sensual character found in Talkn Bout Meh, making it the magical tune that it is.


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