Kuz? Ft Vante – Mellow @KuzQuestionMark

Kuz? is a 22-year old Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Engineer from Long Island, NY. Kuz has been building a name for himself along the local Long Island scene recently with his sound. He pushes staying true to yourself and tries to inspire everyone to try and learn all aspects of creating music and understanding sound on a deeper level. Kuz has always been one to spread a positive message and a relatable experience through his music, which always stays very personal to him but allows for others to connect through the lyricism and beat as a whole together. Check out the soothing single “Mellow”, featuring Vante from Kuz?’s latest project, “Hanakotoba”.

“Hanakotoba”, meaning language of flowers from Japanese to English, is a 3-song collaborative project from myself and my fellow Long Island native and good friend, Vante. The project is produced by meltycanon and engineered by me. We chose the title because we felt that with the enchanted, magic-esque production and our soft lyricism mixed with distortion and auto-tune on the mix, that it would fill the listener with an image of bright colors and for that matter, flowers. The blending of sounds we feel does very well amongst all 3 songs from beat selection and lyrical content. The story is one of heartbreak but also of vast aspiration and inspiration through the overall sound and vibe of the project.

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