TROOFFOREVER – Forever @troofforever

Washington D.C. native TROOFFOREVER is on a mission to solidify himself eternally in stone with “Forever”, an EP project focuses on hard work, perseverance and extreme determination

TROOF’s musical approach on the 6 track effort carries fragments of some of urban music’s greatest. Take “Get Paid” for example. The wavy jazz number carries hints of Curren$y while “G.G.T.M.” is sprinkled with U.G.K. and T.I. flavors. “Forever” carries both radio singles and strong street records. TROOFFOREVER is able to drop trap tracks like “Gotta Get It” and hop over to R&B fusions like on “Sex So Good”. More than a mere artist, TROOF’s strong business sense is riddled throughout the EP. Check out “To The League”, a bouncy single he recorded with intentions of possibly landing a sport game placement with. “All I do is ball, so I go straight to the league / and my team lit, can’t nobody f*ck with me” sets the perfect tone for setting up a a game winning shot on NBA 2K.

Each song is unique in it’s own setting and one is sure to catch your attention from first listen. With the EP release, TROOFFOREVER also announced an upcoming video for “Get Paid”. Along with the video announcement, there are strong rumors of an upcoming headlining show with some surprise local talent support. With releases like “Forever”, it’s a no brainer that the D.C. representative’s music will go on to live “Forever” on the net and beyond.

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