JC – Ups & Downs @JCutroneo

JC (Justin Cutroneo) is just a regular guy from the suburbs of Old Bridge, New Jersey that is a huge fan of hip-hop. He started making music for fun about 2 years ago, but as of recent he gained some success and began to take music more seriously. JC enjoys making music that is very relatable and fun because he believes music can help people with any obstacle that is faced in ones life. Music became the most powerful way to express himself and it has definitely changed his life.

JC, at age 21, has a deep passion and love for music, but he knows there is a lot of room for growth and improvement. He just dropped his first ever project called “Ups & Downs” and it has gained a liking from many people. His dream is to become a famous musician, and with the continuous hard work, that dream can become reality.

Ups & Downs is my first mixtape, and the goal is to take listeners on a journey through my mind. There are songs that are fun and upbeat, and there are songs that are deep and very relatable. It is a quick project with only 7 tracks, but it is a great listen that makes you want more. Everything except the instrumentals was done on my own. There was no studio, no engineer, and no songwriter involved in the making of this project. With all that being said, I hope that people enjoy my music and my passion for the art. There is much more to come!

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