James Dalight – My Only Promise @JAMESDALIGHT

My Only Promise is the first single off of James Dalight debut album, “Dalight Saving Time”. The track was produced by The Cratez and the video was shot by JONTI Films. The song is just a introduction to who James Dalight is and how he promises to keep it real. With the old school hip hop infectious beat your sure to fall in love with what he is doing, what he is saying, and where he is going.

James Dalight, originally from the DMV but now residing in Atlanta, brings the art of emceeing back to relevancy. James is no newcomer, fly by night or flavor of the month rapper. James has been a student of the game and has mastered his craft. James’ style accommodates all rap enthusiasts; from the young and new to the real hip-hop connoisseurs. His style is original, provocative and definitely worth a listen. With his real life stories and his shared experiences of ups and downs you’re sure to go on a journey as he maneuvers from track to track. Every song is real and every line is carefully thought out before it hits the paper. Story telling comes easy for James and it definitely shows on his upcoming debut album, “Dalight Saving Time”. Timing is everything and right now he knows that this is his time.


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