Lamar Trace – Soul @LamarTrace

Lamar Trace is a rap artist from the south end of Peoria, Illinois. At age 12, he used his love for poetry and storytelling to start creating his own verses. Trace is a versatile artist with a unique sound inspired by his diverse environment and Midwestern roots. He is affiliated with Solo Music Group and works closely with established up-and-coming producer, Polo Boy Shawty. In a recent interview he said, “I’ve got a couple projects in the cut.. as well as other singles and content. I’m always working on something. You got to stay consistent and relevant”. Lamar Trace’s passion for music, refreshing lyrical talent, and ability to adapt to the evolving hip-hop culture will make him an artist to keep your eye on as he establishes his place in the industry.

Lamar Trace’s single, “Soul”, is his latest release and there is much more to come from the new artist. Lamar Trace raps about his neighborhood and upbringing on this track, all while questioning if the pursuit of money and financial success is worth the price on a mans Soul.

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