Lester, Nowhere – Whistle in the Wind @les_now

“Whistle in the Wind” is a single from Lester’s upcoming album “Ghosts Will Take Care of You”, which just released on March 21st. The soulful track features vocals from Danny Watts, a talented rapper from Houston, who’s signed to Jonwayne’s label, Authors Recording Company.


Lester, Nowhere was born in 1998. Originally named Arturo, he grew up listening to Black Sabbath while playing with Lego, Kurt Cobain while learning to draw, and Mogwai all along. At the age of 12 he fell in love with hip hop, and never looked back. Inspired by his likes in music, he started messing around with FL Studio to make his own beats, in which he spaces from 90’s hip hop to lo-fi, trap and more modern influences. His body currently lives in Prato (in Italy, near Florence) but his mind is hustling everyday to find a solution to this problem, hoping that music will be the key.

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