MSP Sonny, Swindle and Kae One – ”Trill Time” @CertifiedOutfit

Vivid Visual Films captures MSP Sonny, Swindle and Kae One as they punch the clock and enter the realm of “Trill Time”. Expect nothing but realness thru the record with the production of JC Beatz laying the smooth, bouncy party vibe.

A best of both worlds, Sonny delivers buttery, southern melodies that accompany Swindle and Kae One’s flows. Swindle, one half of Certified Outfit, represents for the true ogs in his wordplay. Lastly, Kae One vividly describes the hustler’s state of mind. Filmed at Chris Pack’s Clatter Din Studios, the guys twist up, pour cups and enjoy the antics of two tattooed beauties.

Word has it that we can expect future collaborations from the trio, as they continue to put on for Washington, namely Tacoma and Seattle. In that same spirit, the single is set to release on prominent DJ Don Gee’s forthcoming mixtape, “Tacoma Support Seattle – Seattle Support Tacoma”.

“Trill Time” is also available for purchasing thru iTunes below.

MSP Sonny, Swindle & Kae One – Trill Time


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