Afta Hill – ‘336 Love N Other’ | @aftahill

Afta Hill, formerly known as Safakash, evolves with bold intentions with the release of his debut EP “Ace” alongside a music video for “336 Love N Other.”

“I spent the last three years exploring music and myself,” Hill exclaims. “With each project, I attempted to describe my part in this human experience, but mainly focused on technical abilities.” After four years under what he calls his “pupil moniker,” Hill pleads that the decision to become Afta Hill comes from the growth and experiences music has given him so far. “The name comes from my hometown of Richmond Hill, Ontario – just outside of Toronto,” Hill clarifies. “In a conversation, my friend said: ‘I’m excited to see where you go after the Hill.’ Right away, we looked at each other and stopped – that was it.”

The raw R&B sound, accompanied with hard hitting bass traps the listener in entrancing melodies and unapologetic lyrics. Hill’s staple of dynamic flow and cunning lyricism develops into a well constructed sound that is displayed on “Ace.”

Director Liam Higgins’ second video for the Richmond Hill artist encapsulates the struggle of maintaining a long distance relationship, filled with both combating hedonistic desires and all the motions of a fading romance. Afta Hill showcases both his daunting ego, and his true vulnerability as he becomes disengaged throughout the course of the story. “This whole project, like the theme, is really coming-of-age,” Higgins says. “This video was about showcasing that cold truth you receive when becoming disconnected from those you trust – even when sometimes it’s yourself.”

For Hill, music is his therapy, and “Ace” signifies his willingness to dive into the topics music helped him overcome.

“Afta Hill is everything – every broken promise and shady gesture made me. A pretty girl’s righteous front shaped my attitude. Watching my father work himself to ill-health set the standard for my perfectionism,” Hill says. “For every minute I smile, I spend an hour critiquing it. Every paused intonation was conceived 3-5 drafts ago. I want to be the greatest, and I’m willing to give everything up to get there.”


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