Look At ME Reaction: @_JazzieMonroe [Opinion]

So recently XXXTentacion released his video to the song “Look at Me”. Personally I just happened to see the video on YouTube and thought that it was gonna be completely like the song and be off the wall goofy and the video would not have any background or related concept behind it to me. The video opens up with some kids acting up in a highschool setting. But, then as we all know XXXTentacion ALWAYS has a surprise for the crowd. X proceeds to the next segment of his video where the song completely changes into the song “Riot” and he and 2 other Black males are hanging from trees by their neck while true footage of white on black crime is being shown; such as the footage of Philando Castile,Heather Heyer,Rodney King and a depiction of what happened with Emmitt Till.

XXXTENTACION-Look At Me!-player

He also does depictions of the Charlottesville Riot throughout this segment of the video. All of this is depicted while rapping about how everybody should “quit violence and grow a pair”. The video ends with the last segment when the music goes completely off and XXXTentacion goes on stage with a young black boy and a young white boy in front of a crowd of people at what looks like a talent show and proceeds to hang the white boy in front of the crowd of people, which is making reference to how white people would gather to watch a black person get hung in the times where slavery was at it’s highest point. So do I think this video was wrong? Absolutely not. I personally don’t think anything is wrong with this. He’s making a point that many activist and artist  try to get across indirectly. The only difference is he’s being direct about it. We were hung for many years under the flag and it was seen as “normal” or as “punishment” for “wrong doings” that wouldn’t even necessarily be severe. But change the color of the victim and everybody freaks out. Look at the message, not the action.

To watch full video click link below:

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