@XXXTentacion ’17’ made me reconsider | By @_JazzieMonroe [Opinion]

Previously, I wrote the original review about XXXTENTACION In the freshman XXL 2017 Article that I had only heard of the “Can’t keep my dick in my pants” and the “Bitch I’m sippin yeah in yo hood what the F*ck is up” X but just last week he released his debut album “17” which ended up having a significance to me because throughout the album from beginning to end, it told a story.


It told a story of death with songs like “Save me, Everybody Dies in the Night Time, and Jocelyn Flores” XXXTentacion opens up about his past and current experiences with depression and encounters with suicide and witness of death of people of significance in his life. It was an album that could provide healing to people like me who have similar experiences throughout their lives. So I would advice you to give it a listen with an open mind and closely listen with respect to what he has to say about what he’s been through and see what you could possibly take from it.


Original Article: https://wetrapmusic.blog/2017/07/21/xxl-list-hot-or-not-_jazziemonroe-opinion/

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