Cha$e Royale “Conquest” (@Chase_Royale)

Every child grows up around music. It influences our future without us even knowing it. As a
child who immigrated to the United States from Douala, Cameroon, Charly Kamtchoum idolized
Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac, and Nas as his hip-hop heroes. Little did he know that these artists would
be influential to pursuing a career in the music industry as an adult.

Cha$e Royale was born through open mics and collaborating with an array of artists in the DMV
music scene. While Royale loves hip-hop he has a passion for poetry and that has enabled him to
become a strong lyricist. His style reflects the artists he looked up to, one that can be heard on
his latest mixtape, The Gemcutter’s Prism, with producer IAMXIII. Royale showcases a keen ear
for mellow production that compliments his thought provoking lyrical content.


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