[SINGLE] Plaque – Lost I.D. Prod By Bronze Baby Shoes

Candlewax Records MC Lost Idendity (Misfitts) and producer BBS (Bronze Baby Shoes) have released a new single “Plaque” which showcases their ability to collaborate and produce a solid track that will stand the test of time. “Plauque,” is an original indie hip hop record. The single is available on Lost Identity’s official Soundcloud page

Consisting of Guelph, Ontario Canada’s MC Lost Identity and Virginia native and producer BBS are adding their components and principals to bring you a classic hip-hop experience with a furturistic twist. “Plaque” has inspired these to share their version of hip hop that’s fundamental yet contemporaryly sound for music lovers worldwide.

“Plaque” conceptually started the day BBS dropped a freshly produced track in to The Shane Show chat room (A community of tight nit friends that have bonded over radio show host and former Survivor contender Shane Powers). Lost quickly secured the track and began to work. Written by Lost Identity (Misfits), mixed and mastered by BlakeNine (Candlewax Records) this duo took their inspiration’s and love of hip Hop to produce a record that would be its own tornado of hope and triumph. Bronze Baby Shoes musical range spanning 20 years and Lost Identity’ablity to “bar out” displays the duo’s long-standing love for quality Hip Hop music.

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