[Song] La’Ralpheal Ft. Rutine – Help Me|@laralpheal

Help Me

Virginia natived, singer/songwriter & producer, La’Ralpheal, began hitting the ground running in the music industry with his dynamic multi-genre style of reggae, dancehall, and EDM with reggaeton riddims. 

La’Ralpheal, signed with Megablast/RPM management, and released the hot Dance track “Take Me Away” featuring Leilani and charting on the Independent Charts in 2008 in the US & UK with the single “Please Forgive Me”
In 2011, the single “Put Your Hands In The Air” was released on DME’s “The Winter Music Conference Sampler” through Megablast/RPM and 101 distributions. Later on in 2014, La’Ralpheal single “Right Where I Wanna Be” was also distributed on DME Sampler and charted #13 on the Top 15 Pro DJs Urban / Dance Music Playlist and appeared on Coast 2 Coast Mixtape. Followed up
in 2015 with the singles “Tainted Love” and “The Weekend”, and 2016 “Come Dance With Me”.

La’Ralpheal has worked with various digital outlets, record pools, and DJs nationally and internationally (Albania, Kenya, Canada, Croatia, Serbia, India, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, China, and the US).

Currently, La’Ralpheal’s hot new single “Help Me” (featuring international dancehall artist Rutine) is being distributed through Megablast/RPM, VPAL, VP Records. This track is an international banger.   More about this artist can be found through social media and music streaming sites. (Google Play, Apple Music Store, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Napster, Beatport, Amazon, etc.)

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