[Opinion] Post Malone “For the culture?” |By: @_Jazziemonroe

Many people have been calling Post Malone “the Donald Trump of Hip-Hop” because things that should have crashed his career have only made it stronger. There has also been rumors that Post Malone has been stealing from the African American Hip Hop Culture.
Why? It’s a form of white privilege they say.  He’s received more attention than his meager talent deserves. It’s also been said that he’s simply a rich white kid who paid his way into the industry.  But, what does Post Malone say about this?

How does he feel about all of these accusations? The rapper admitted that he’s still figuring out stardom in the wake of the viral success “White Iverson” met following its initial appearance online in February 2015.“This all happened so quick — you wake up and you’ve got a million views,” he said. “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” So, is Post Malone a culture vulture or is he an original? In my eyes I deeply enjoy Post Malone and the quality of his music. His music almost has a child like quality to it and that’s what makes his music unique. Let Post Malone live. His music is nothing but a positive attribute to the hip hop community.

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