[Web Series] Quiet On The Set – The Bull and YaYa Show | @bullandyaya ‏

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Quiet On The Set

The Bull and YaYa Show


Hannibull and Ayana “YaYa” Ellis, two friends from Brooklyn, New York, lived parallel lives in entertainment, one as a rapper, the other as a 6-time Author.   They soon learned that they shared what will soon become an incomparable contribution to today’s generation of entertainers when combining YaYa’s creativity and conservative dry humor alongside Bull’s genuine love of all things cinema, coupled with his explosive and in your face personality.

Together, Hannibull and Ayana created Quiet On The Set (The Bull And YaYa Show) which is a no holds barred commentary on everyone’s favorite films/tv shows/scenes, leaving no genre unturned!

If you love to laugh and debate about your favorite movies, Brooklyn’s own Siskel and Ebert will no doubt leave you entertained and demanding more of this high-octane’s duo opinion on everyone’s favorite shows.





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