[ Interview ]@JayliiGotJuice steps in the TrapHouse ( Q & A )


First time I heard of Jaylii was when I reached out the homie DJ. J Dough for some independent music for Independent Trapping V1.  One of the records, he sent me was”Preach” ft Turi$h Benjy and produced by Autumn Jivenchy. The energy she presented on the track was far from the norm of mcs, especially female mcs. This was actually #DOPE. 

 Preach- Jayliigotjuice Ft Turich Benjy | Shot By @Uptownfilms400 . ( May 29, 2015 )

As she began to release more work, I became a fan of her music. Don’t get her confused with other female artist, she’s here to stay. With her own sound and style that go from 0-100 over a bass drop. Or the way she crafted the songs to really fit her image all around. She has a style thats unique to her and pleasing to any ear. IDK but I was convinced she really had #thejuice. After the release of her newest single “No Favors”. Jaylii doesn’t show any signs of taking her foot off the gas. We got to catch up with her for a Q & A with the #TrapHouse. 

Who is Jaylii ?

Jaylii is a forever involving creative being … going through life learning new things … and putting it in my music.

When did you or What made you sit down and really decide that music is what you wanted to do? And what was some of the sacrifices you had to make.

Music choose me, I’ve tried to deny it and ignore it. I knew it was for me when it kept following me. The biggest sacrifice I’ve made has been choosing studio over eating … I’ve went hungry to record. I love it that much. 

Do you think as a female artist it was harder for you to get in the place you are currently in?

Honestly no, when you have talent and ambition … it’s not hard at all. It’s all about timing and alignment. That goes for male or female. 

What was it like moving away from your hometown to pursue your dream?

It was exciting for me. I’ve moved from Atlanta , to Orlando back to Cincinnati just to land right back in Atlanta. Life is all about the journey and the experiences I can learn from.

Who are some of your favorite artist you listen too? Of all time?

I don’t have a favorite artist. I’m too versatile … but as of right now my rotation is Jaylii, Jaylii, & Jaylii. 

How is working with A Zae on your most recent releases?

Zae is funny as hell, people don’t know but he a slick a comedian. Lol. He’s such a talent too. Very special Eye, very special vision. I feel like we compliment each other’s work and it’s dope. 

Did you think that “No Favors” was going to gain the attention so quickly?

I didn’t even know if I was going to put the record out because it’s so personal. I knew it was a banger tho … so yeah.

What does 2017 mean for you?

2017 my year. Ima have a hit song. My buzz gone sky rocket. Ima be at an all time high.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

As the person who created an opportunity and didn’t wait for one. #NoFavors



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