#RETRAP2016 (@AZaeProduction)

#RETRAP2016 ( A Zae Production )


WRITTEN BY: @EazyTheDJ ( @WeTrapMusic )

Originally released on our older site in 2015,  we retouch the interview with the “Camera God”. We had a Q & A with A Zae and asked him how he felt at that point of his career. We compare his answer to his current status. 

  • With Over 300Million views on youtube and a list of stars you have worked with, would you consider yourself a legend?

–  Um Idk I’m Just Working Right Now But I Will Be Remembered A Legend

  • How many videos would you say you shot and what’s your favorite city to shoot in?

– Well Over 200 Videos & Would Have To Say LA I Like The Vibe Out There When        Shooting.

  • How did you get the name A Zae Production? What got you into directing music videos?

–  Well My Real Name Xavier & Everybody Call Me Zae So I Just Use To Say “This Is A Zae  Production” So I Just Took Off The “This Is” lol. Just Being At Home Bored Really & Growing Up All I Did Was Watch Music Videos & Always Wondered How They Did Videos.

  • Who was your first co-sign from a major artist? Who would be your dream artist to work with ( past and alive)?

– Um, Ion Think I Really Had A Co-Sign I Just Started With A lot Of Artist Like Keef, Durk & Tink Before They Blew Up So It Worked Like That.

2Pac & Biggie ( Past )

Jeezy ( Alive )

  • What can we expect in 2016?

– A lot More Videos From Me, Maybe Even A Film Idk Just Gotta Wait & See lol

( “Hunnits” by Jaylii Official Shot By A Zae Was Featured On “Independent Trapping 2” )

We took a second and stopped by A Zae channel on youtube to see what all he’s been up to this busy 2016 year. 

 With nearly doubled views and almost tripled videos in just one short year. 550,387,990 views and 585 videos to be exact. Making good for his word that he will continue to solidify his name behind the camera. 

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